It takes a village to run a successful, competitive eventing yard, and we're so grateful for the ongoing support of our family of sponsors. 

We believe in quality over quantity and only work with companies whose products we truly love and whose ethos aligns with ours, ensuring a fruitful partnership for everyone involved. If you're interested in working with us, please send us an email.


Freejump supplies the very best stirrups and boots a rider could possibly ask for – all perfectly designed for maximum comfort and security; an essential when tackling 5* tracks or introducing youngsters to their first taste of cross-country!

I love the Liberty shoe and chap system, paired with my must-have Soft'Up Pro stirrups. The super sleek chaps give a completely unrivalled close-contact feel, while the boots and stirrups work in tandem to provide extra security without sacrificing movement. Together, they allow me to simply focus on the next fence without the distraction of slippery, uncomfortable kit.

Check out the full range here – you'll never look back once you've tried them.

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There are a few surefire ways to start a ferocious debate between eventers: ask them their favourite competition, stallion, or saddle brand. For me, there's a clear winner in the latter stakes – you won't find me in anything but Voltaire Design. 

Voltaire leads the way for custom saddles, going above and beyond to create a bespoke fit that has immediate and obvious positive effects. Not only do my Voltaire saddles help my horses move and jump to the best of their ability, they also help me to do my job. I love the Adelaide dressage saddle, which keeps me centred and balanced as I sit Celien's big paces – it certainly played a huge part in helping us to a top-ten dressage test at our first CCI5* in 2018!